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how to find UDID number on your iphone

How to find your UDID number:

1. Open iTunes on your Desktop Computer,
2. Plug in your iPhone to your Desktop computer,
3. Select your device under “Devices” on the left hand side of the screen,
4. Click on your Serial number and it will change to your UDID number,
5. Right click on the number to copy to clipboard.


1. How to find UDID when locked by iCloud (Mac)

  1. Make sure your device is turned ON
  2. Connect your iPhone with your Mac via USB cable.
  3. Press the Apple icon at the top left corner of Menu bar
  4. Hold option/alt key
  5. You can see that “About this mac” has been replaced by “System information” selection
  6. Open System information
  7. From the left menu under Hardware you can see “USB” – open it
  8. Find your iPhone from this list – click on it
  9. You find information about your iPhone.
  10. The Serial number is the UDID of your phone. Don’t be alarmed about the name.

2. How to find UDID when locked by iCloud (PC)


  1. Make sure your device is turned ON
  2. Connect your iPhone with your PC via USB cable
  3. Open “Control panel”
  4. Open “Devices and Printers” (under Hardware and sound)
  5. Find “Apple mobile devices USB Driver – double click on it
  6. Properties menu will open, select tab “Hardware”
  7. Click on “Apple Mobile device USB Driver” and then “Properties”
  8. On the next window select “Details”
  9. From the dropdown list, find “Device instance path”
  10. Once you have selected you can see the value below- right click and copy it
  11. Your iPhone UDID is the last long part after “” sign

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