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Dealer Package - Frequently Ask a Question

To run an online business you don't need to have a retail store, however who has a retail store must have an online store as well. Sure You can apply for the dealer package and strart working from home.


Answer is very simple, you need to load your account from time to time from a US bank, which is not available overseas. We offer ACH as well for active dealers with high volume.


It doesn't matter to be a citizen but must have a physical address in the States, and have anything showing your identity and proof of address, and a bank account.

Its not recommended, also we'll charge you extra $30 installation fees,
and you get the website as is, with no support from any kind.

Its true, with no experience you still can run your store.
We already offered you a complete turnkey package, all what you need to do is to promote your website.
Your customer place his order to pay his bill, and paid you through Paypal, you go to your portal and type his phone number and select amount and click submit.
Your customer order a sim card, you activate the sim card and ship it via mail and load money to his account when he receive his package through your portal.
Your customer order unlock phone, you copy the imei number and submit it through your portal, when its unlocked you'll receive an email with the code to forward it to your customer.

Yes we provide Sim Cards for almost all carriers.
You still can buy Sim cards from anywhere and activate it trough your portal, but no commission will be added to your account

Of course you can sell everywhere, and you can connect your Ebay account to your store.

Your website installation with basic setup will be ready within 48 working hours
and may be we need an extra 2 days to prepare your portals account. Average 48 hrs if you are ready with all data and information.

No not all carriers are available.
Cell phone stores must apply for every carrier individually and get approved after a long process to be able to recharge and activate sim cards. Every carrier provide the same or similar portal with different account to login to be able  to use this carrier.
As a master agent and distributors we provide you a portal with almost 75% of the big carriers to pay bills, like tmobile, att, metro pcs, simple mobile, lika mobile, verizon, boost mobile, tracfone, net10, h2o,etc..

yes we do, and we always recommend to do a basic and google optimization to rank your website fast, specially if it is a new domain name. Don't worry we do it very very cheap if you do your homework.

You can sell it as a business including your established online store
The license is for one single domain and you are not allowed to resell it or duplicate it and use it under a different name without permission.

Your online store is one time fee, domain name is $10 per year, hosting is $60 per year
No hidden fees and No extra charges

Of course you can cancel or stop at anytime.
This is your own store and you are the boss. there is no any cancellation fees
And we can always help you to get back your money left on your accounts.

  • Delivery Times and Cancellation

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    Delivery Times and Cancellation
  • Refunds Policy

    Refunds If no unlock code is found for a particular phone, a refund will be processed within 24 hours of us becoming aware that no code is available.
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    As a result of the so many fraudulent orders that we receive each day, it is imperative that we take all necessary measures to minimize credit card fraud.
    Therefore, we reserve the right to ...

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